NSS TRAINING COLLEGE PANDALAM NAAC Re-Accredited 'A' Grade Pathanamthitta District, Kerala 689501 KERALA UNIVERSITY RESEARCH CENTRE IN EDUCATION Recognsied by National Council for Teacher Education, New Delhi.
Affiliated to University of Kerala
About The College
N.S.S. Training College, Pandalam was established in 1957 with the grace of the great visionary Padma BhushanBharathakesariMannathuPadmanabhan. The college is an aided post graduate teacher education institution in the state of Kerala, affiliated to the University of Kerala and comes under the control of the Zone Deputy Director of Collegiate Education, Kottayam, Kerala State. The institution has been rendering outstanding contributions to the society ever since its establishment in the year 1957. Almamater of a number of promising teachers, the institution has been consistently showing excellent academic achievement owing to the dedication and team work of the staff. At present the institution offers B.Ed course in eight subjects with strength of 150 and M.Ed course with an intake of 25 students. The institution is recognized as one of the best colleges of education in Kerala affiliated to university of Kerala.
College Emblem

The emblem of the college consists of the emblem of Nair Service Society consisting of a plough, a sword and sheaf of grain representing work, courage and prosperity respectively and a lamp and book representing wisdom and knowledge. The light that emanates from the lamp fills the circle. The petals of lotus seen around the circle signify beauty and grace of life. The inscription quoted from Bhagavat Gita (Chapter 2 implies that “ Skill in Action is Yoga”).
Our Prayer

Student teachers of the institution are exposed to the fresh current of human values that springs from the morning prayer of the college.

Let’s all flourish together
Let’s all strive for vidya
Let the knowledge that we receive brighten us up
Let’s not bear spite against each other
Let’s overcome sorrows to reach ‘shants”

The college is located at the heart of the Pandalam town near the side M.C Road Pandalam, Pandalam village, AdoorTaluk, Pathanamthitta Dist.

Prof.C.Krishna Das 01.07.1957 - 31.06.1960
Prof .T GopalaPillai 04.07.1960 - 17.07.1962
Prof..C.Krishna Das 26.07.1962 - 19.11.1969
Dr .N.SumathykuttyAmma 20.11.1969 - 03.06.1974
Prof.C.Krishna Das 04.06.1974 - 30.06.1976
Prof. M.P.SarojiniAmma 01.07.1976 - 03.07.1978
Dr.P.Kuttiraman Nair 04.07.1978 - 30.09.1985
Prof. M.EaswariAmma 01.10.1985 - 31.05.1988
Prof .S.N.Sukumaran Nair 10.06.1988 - 31.03.1990
Prof.P. SarojiniMenon 02.07.1990 - 30.06.1992
Dr.S.Sreekumar 08.02.1993 - 16.10.2000
Dr P Radhamony 17.10.2000 - 05.11.2002
Dr.K.RadhamonyAmma 06-11-2002 - 31-05-2007
Dr.K.S.Viswanathan 01-06-2007 - 06-07-2010
Dr. S. Premkumar 07-07-2010 - 04-06-2013
Dr.Rema Devi K. 04-06-2013 - 31-03-2019
Dr.Malini. P.M 01-04-2019 - 31-03-2020
Dr.Ushadevi. V.K 16-07-2020 - 30-04-2021
Dr.Ajimol. P.G 23-06-2021 -

Facilities Of College
Computerized Libraray, Seminar hall,Computer Lab with Internet facility, Language lab,Psychology lab, Technology lab ,Work experience lab, Physical Science lab , Natural Science lab ,Social science, Museum , General Lecture hall, Various subject class rooms, smart classrooms, MEd class rooms physical education room , gym, yoga room& Store