NSS TRAINING COLLEGE PANDALAM NAAC Re-Accredited 'A' Grade Pathanamthitta District, Kerala 689501 KERALA UNIVERSITY RESEARCH CENTRE IN EDUCATION Recognsied by National Council for Teacher Education, New Delhi.
Affiliated to University of Kerala
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Our Vision and Mission
Our Vision
The lines quoted from a sloka in the Bhagavat Gita

yoga karmasukowsala

Meaning “Skill in Action is Yoga”

The vision is ingrained in every activity envisaged in the college.
Our Mission
“Working in a rural ambience, we set to inculcate professional skills and a spirit of commitment among our students, especially to build up a resurgent rural India.”

The teaching learning process in the campus is attuned to build up a nation through professional training. The mission provides an inspiring frame of reference for both teachers and students in the college.